Private Partners

Global Traffic Network

GTN UK is our partner in provision of services to commercial radio. Together, INRIX media and GTN provide information to stations in return for advertising inventory alongside reports.

GTN is the largest independent network airtime sales point to advertisers and media agencies via its Network Drive and Entertainment News syndicated networks. It is also hugely successful in providing a similar service in Australia and Canada.

Network Drive provides media agencies and their clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from listeners undivided attention in a vital editorial environment proven to give 61%* higher brand awareness than the standard advertising break.

Network Drive is syndicated across more than 250 stations including those owned by Global Radio, Bauer, GMG, UTV, Absolute Radio International, CN and UKRD.

If you are an ILR or Community station looking for traffic and travel information, please contact:

Clare Stiles
Affiliate Relations Manager, Global Traffic Network UK Ltd.
Tel 020 3301 4917