Nick Simmons - General Manager and Vice President, Media

Nick Simmons began his career working in local radio where he presented programmes for the BBC and ILR, going on to spend 12 years working at the Automobile Association where he was responsible for the day-to-day operation of AA Roadwatch.

In 1997 he joined ITIS as Operations Director and was appointed Business Development Director two years later. Nick was made Managing Director of INRIX media in August 2008.

Bryn Mills - Director of Technology, Media & Incidents

Bryn Mills has worked with INRIX media since 2000, initially as Senior Developer and since 2004 as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Prior to this he worked with a GIS data capture consultancy for six years, latterly as Production and Software Director.

Aileen Holohan - Finance Director

Aileen Holohan joined INRIX in 2000 as Management Accountant and was appointed Group Financial Controller in 2002. In 2007 Aileen was appointed as Finance Director of ITIS UK Limited, the International arm of the company and in September 2008 as Finance Director of INRIX media.

Peter Lees - Director of Operations, Media

Peter Lees joined INRIX media in 2000 as a broadcaster and editor. In 2004 he became Area Manager for Wales, additionally managing London and the South of England in 2007. Peter was appointed to General Manager in 2009.

Andrea Day - Manager, Client Relations and Communications

Andrea Day joined INRIX media in 2004, originally being drawn to the company as a broadcaster and editor. She became North West Area Manager in 2006 and took up the Training and Communcations Manager role in 2008. Her current position that she was appointed to in 2012, involves handling the day to day relationships with the radio industry and media partners in the UK.

Rob Clayton - Information and Quality Manager

Rob has been with INRIX media since 1995 and is the longest serving member of staff having worked in Manchester, and London. He's been a Broadcaster, Editor, Senior Editor, and Weekend Manager until taking on his current role in 2006. Rob is responsible for developing and maintaining editorial standards and ensuring the consistent high standards of INRIX media's information. Rob is also responsible for handling day to day relationships with many of our information sources.

Cat Kobylinski - Virtual News Bureau Manager

Cat Kobylinski joined INRIX Media in 2008 as a Broadcaster and Editor, before taking on her current position in March 2012. Her role includes generating exposure across all media forums, responding to unplanned traffic incidents and planned events that are likely to impact motorists, to establish INRIX as an authority in the traffic news field.